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We're Finally Doing It. And We Need YOUR Help!

When we released the mock-up of our idea for a What's On Your Mind Mobile Van, so many of you thought it was real! If only it was, right?

We dreamt up the mobile van when we thought about the ways we want to increase access to our resources and reach our communities. With a van, we'd be able to directly serve communities of color with a variety of services, including active listening sessions, connections to long-term therapy while helping to reduce systemic barriers to healthcare. 

But achieving dreams costs money.

WOYM is entirely self-funded. This means that our founder and board fund all of our programming and services out-of-pocket. We need your help in making this dream of a WOYM van come true. If you believe in us and in our mission, consider donating and sharing our campaign. Every little bit helps bring us closer to our end goal. 

How Can You Help?

DONATE! Whether it's $5, $20, $100 or $500, every single dollar helps us get closer to our goal.
SHARE! Help us spread the word on social media by sharing our mobile van campaign!
USE AND BUY OUR SERVICES! You can buy a WOYM shirt, book a listening session or hire us for a workshop! Each time you pay for our services, you help support us. 


- WOYM Team

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