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About Us

What's On Your Mind, Inc. is a non-profit organization that strives to normalize conversations around thoughts, feelings, emotions and mental health in general in communities of color.

our team

Theresa Alphonse, MPH
Founder/Executive Director

Theresa Sophia Alphonse is the Founder and Executive Director of WOYM. Noticing that there were a lack of outlets to allow people of color, specifically Black people, the opportunity to discuss thoughts, feelings and emotions, in 2017 she took to the streets with a sign to attempt to fill that gap as much as she could. On the sign she wrote, "How are you feeling? What's on your mind? Talk to me." This form of "active listening" as she calls it birthed WOYM. With a background in public health, Theresa quickly realized that her idea to alleviate stress for some people on the street was really an intervention and had the potential to combat stigma, connect people to resources and ultimately uplift her community.

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Arielle Gray
Assistant Director


Arielle Gray is a Boston based writer, journalist and artist. Much of her work is centered around the various intersections of her identity, living life as a queer, Black woman. Arielle was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder when she was 20 years old- since her diagnosis, she has written and continues to write about her experiences for various platforms in hopes of combating the stigma surrounding mental health in the Black community. 

Dominique Thelismond, MSW

Outreach Director

Dominique is a compassionate woman dedicated to serving and uplifting others. This passion has helped to direct the course of her life. She graduated from Boston College with a double major in Psychology and Sociology in 2014. After working in the mental health field for a year, she returned to school to pursue her Master's in Social Work at Salem State University. She is a mental health advocate and is dedicated to bringing her knowledge and experience to What’s On Your Mind, Inc. and all its endeavors.


Alex Jean-Baptiste

Alexander Jean-Baptiste who also goes by Alex JB found his passion for mental health at an early age. He went on to graduate from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Psychology while minoring in sociology and criminal justice. He started his career in mental health working with adults with mental health disorders and eventually expanded his demographic to individuals with disabilities. Alex continued on into his Masters of social work program at Bridgewater State however has put this degree on hold since starting a career in real estate. He has blended his passions together now partnering with another local non-profit to make housing more attainable and affordable for moderate income and minority communities. 

Our mission 

Our mission is to destigmatize mental illness in efforts to create stronger and healthier people.

WOYM realizes that stigma is an issue in all communities, however WOYM chooses to focus on communities of color because we believe that if the population's most marginalized are targeted then all populations will benefit.

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